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the server is offline .
So what's the deal with the MC server? Anythin?
If you are talking about the minecraft server (which i'm not sure is still even around?) then you'll have to make a forum post, and not just put something up in the shoutbox. ;[link]
ive been banned a loooooooooong time ago and i would realllllly love it if u could unban be i was banned forgriefing but all i id was take a beacon and then i got banned!?!?!?!? my mc username is stephy89 it would be nice if u could unban be please!
my name is jem_jem2003 can i please come back to this server, this was my favorite since minecraft ever came out

USZRT Update.

[USZRT] Skuggi a posted Apr 28, 14
Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update.  We're working on a new server, soon all uszrt services will go down and I'm rebuilding from scratch.  It's one of those things that's needed tackled for 2 years, but it's a pain and I never wanted to do it honestly.   But it will allow us some more flexibility and we should be able to host more games etc.   I will of course be getting minecraft back up, we may go Tekkit for something new.  I will also be seeing if I can remove the whitelist and a few other things.
fjb123 any idea when the new server will be up ?
As we now have towny up and running the time has come to dump the white-list.txt file I had also been using and get everyone linked up with our permissions system so that you'll be whitelisted that way. If your name is on this list, I didn't find you linked with a player here and to get on the server you just need to make an account here (or sign in with your enjin account) and add your minecraft character to your account.  

Then just put up a post on the whitelist forum letting me know your signed up here and i'll get you back on.

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[OP] JagerPrime a The enjin plugin ate itself. Should be fixed now. We just weren't aware.
fjb123 im not white listed any more why ?
We have several new modifications on the server.

+Craftbay - in game auction system to auction items to other players!

+CashControl - Mobs drop money now!

+Duel - Player Based Dueling System!
!!!!For this change we had to disable all enchants made from zephyrus like life suck and toxic strike so if you try and do anything with said weapons you'll get kicked because it generates an error. IF YOU HAVE ANY WEAPONS WITH THESE ENCHANTS CONTACT AN ADMIN WE'LL HELP YOU!!!

And finally we have begun to use Towny again, back by popular demand.  We are currently running a rather stock build for this so if you have any experience with Towny and have suggestions feel more than free to post them in the forums for us to hash out before we are set for full live.

Added a few things to our server today to help out with the overall experience.

+ Added back in our live map which is now available at http://uszrt.net/map

+ Added back in hero chat for better chat formatting and integration with the live map and permissions/group coloring. 

+ Added in a Horse Protection system for testing.  This should be completely passive so you won’t have to worry about anything, if you saddle up a horse then it’s yours.  Simple. 

You'll notice some presents dropping from mobs at a rare rate, they look like little enchantment tables but they're actually gifts!  This years super rare prize will be diamond barding from the gift drops, also there may be some saddles in those little boxes!  

I have currently disabled the ability for mob farms to function during this event to keep it fair.  Mobs will only drop items when killed by players!
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